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Inflation: Market Threat?

Does inflation represent a threat to the market and investors? Jared Kizer explores why, on average, stocks have done well during periods of low unexpected inflation and worse in periods of high unexpected inflation. Read more

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Deflation and Stock and Bond Returns

With expected inflation rates low, the potential for deflation to affect the markets will gain significant attention. Jared Kizer examines the relationship between the rate of inflation and stock and bond returns. Read more

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Perspective on High-Frequency Trading

Jared Kizer with some perspective on high-frequency trading. Read more

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Smart Beta Can Be Smart But Is Not New — Jared Kizer

Jared Kizer weighs in on the subject of smart beta.
Read more

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Video Blog on Interpreting Hedge Fund Returns Data — Jared Kizer

View the Video Blog The link above will redirect you from the BAM ALLIANCE site to other sites and content not related to the BAM ALLIANCE. The BAM ALLIANCE does not endorse or make any claims about the accuracy or… Read more

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