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BAM Intelligence

Why Not Just Buy Berkshire Hathaway? An Update

Berkshire Hathaway vs. a diversified, evidence-based portfolio: Larry Swedroe on how they stack up. Read more

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Interest Rate Risk and the Low-Volatility Anomaly

Research shows low-vol stocks contain term risk. Larry Swedroe on why (and how) to account for it. Read more

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Warren Buffett Suggests Successful Investing Requires Discipline

Warren Buffett is probably the most highly regarded investor of our era. Over the years, he has offered the following wisdom: Read more

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Who Trades on Momentum, and Who Is on the Other Side?

Given that momentum trading is highly profitable, why do retail investors trade in the opposite direction? Larry Swedroe unpacks the “disposition effect.” Read more

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Short-Term Performance and Mutual Fund Size

There’s a good reason for the SEC warning about using past performance as an indicator of future results. Read more

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