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BAM Intelligence

Focus on the Opportunities, Not the Shoals

As in kayaking, focusing on financial rocks makes it difficult to see the opportunities we have some actual control over. Read more

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What Mountain Climbing Can Teach You About Business

There’s what we need, then there’s what we really need. Carl Richards on less “stuff” and more “experience.” Read more

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Financial Prescriptions Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

As we do with physical health, we should ask questions to gauge our needs before accepting plans for our financial lives. Read more

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Being Mindful Can Help Guide a Decision

Why is there a gap between all this great intention and our behavior? Carl Richards discusses the importance of being mindful when it comes to financial decisions. Read more

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How to React Diminishing Returns — Carl Richards

Carl Richards says when faced with choosing more or less, we might be pleasantly surprised with the latter. Read more

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