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Finding and Supporting Your Passion

Donating to a nonprofit organization is a wonderful way to make a positive impact and taking the time to research and vet these organizations can lead to life-long partnerships between you and the charity. Read more

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Tools to Help Realize Your Year-End Charitable Giving Goals

Wealth Advisor Jada Diedrich unpacks her toolkit for building an efficient charitable giving strategy that’s designed to help maximize the way your contribution dollars benefit not only the causes you hold most dear, but also you and your family. Read more

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Smart Philanthropy: Navigating Personal Values

Smart philanthropy: Navigating personal values. Joe Delaney on forming a plan aligned with your overall goals: Read more

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Putting Money In Its Place

Putting money in its place starts with the realization that in itself money is neither good nor bad, but a neutral tool. Tim Maurer with a thoughtful process for changing beliefs about money. Read more

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Stretch Your Charitable Dollars

Make the Most of Year-End Giving Opportunities The end of the year is a time of sharing and generosity. According to charitynavigator.org, about 40 percent of charitable giving occurs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 2013 Tax Changes Possible We may… Read more

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