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Bear Markets to Be Borne With Equanimity

When faced with stock market volatility, it’s critical to take the long view. Larry Swedroe helps keep things in perspective with a look at why disciplined investors have been rewarded for their patience. Read more

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An Awakening Bear?

Larry Swedroe offers some points to consider before you succumb to an urge to abandon your well-thought-out financial plan over recent swings in the stock market. Read more

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“Free Lunch” Investing Takes Time to Cook

“Free lunch” investing takes time to cook: Larry Swedroe on why global diversification works, eventually. Read more

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Beware The Recency Pitfall

The recency pitfall. Larry Swedroe and Kevin Grogan on the peril of chasing recent, short-term performance. Read more

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The Biggest Risk Facing Investors

It’s important to make sure your plan is based on the best estimates of future returns. And simply using historical returns isn’t a good methodology because current valuations and yields matter. Read more

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