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Rising Rates Don’t Doom REITs

Just because something falls under the “conventional wisdom” doesn’t mean that it’s correct. Larry Swedroe on whether rising interest rates will surely doom returns to real estate investments, specifically REITs. Read more

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Avoid The Recency Pitfall

When the world turns upside down, it’s time to rebalance. Larry Swedroe tackles the peril of recency bias. Read more

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3 Fine Passive Funds Compared

Understanding the reasons three funds with similar labels perform differently is a lesson in exposure to factors. Read more

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Comparing DFA Small Value to Vanguard Small Value

What accounts for the narrowing historical performance between Vanguard’s small value fund and DFA’s small value fund, at least over the past few months? Jared Kizer looks to volatility and real estate to provide an explanation. Read more

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When Assessing Investment Advice, Consider the Source

Carl Richards doesn’t mean to be obvious when he says a REIT is not a bond. Read more

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