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No Free Lunch and No Free 401(k) Plans

A free lunch is rare. So are “free” 401(k) plans. Jay Pluimer on what they can actually cost plan sponsors in risk. Read more

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Annuities and Problems of Longevity

Larry Swedroe takes a close look at payout annuities as a means to insure against longevity risk and explores their role in retirement income planning. Read more

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Why a Millennial Prefers to Save

Future kids. Enjoyment. Retirement. Matt Spezialetti on three reasons why he, a millennial, chooses to save now: Read more

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What’s the Magic Number for Your Retirement Savings?

To retire well, a new metric from Fidelity recommends having 10 times your final salary in savings. Manisha Thakor on why, although this “magic number” rule isn’t perfect, it may serve as a wake-up call for investors to save more. Read more

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Financial Tips for Couples

Navigate your finances while still keeping your relationship strong. BAM ALLIANCE member Stuart Vick Smith with five financial tips for couples, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Read more

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