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All Fiduciaries Aren’t Created Equal

What must fiduciary advice entail? Dan Solin asks whether all fiduciaries are truly created equal. Read more

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Robo-advisers make it easier for human advisers to show their true value

Let algorithms do what they’re good at, and focus on helping clients deal with the mess of being human Read more

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Effectively Communicating With Clients Separates Advisors From Algorithms

Learn to ask great questions. Listen with focus. Empathize. Carl Richards in InvestmentNews on effective communication: Read more

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Financial Advisors Are Not Fungible

MarketWatch recently conducted an interesting survey. In it, they asked four “robo-advisors” and four human advisors to recommend portfolios for the same hypothetical investor. Read more

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What does the growing trend toward automation mean for financial advice? Jim Whiddon unpacks Nicholas Carr’s “The Glass Cage” and concludes the advisor relationship can’t be replaced by computers. Read more

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