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The Keys to Effective Budgeting: Autonomy and Automation

Most people consider budgeting an exercise in repressive tedium. But it doesn’t have to be. Read more

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Retirement: Is it Ever Too Early to Start Saving?

Tim Maurer talks retirement planning best practices with Lucy Nalpathanchil, host of WNPR’s Where We Live. Read more

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How to Manage Your Money in 2018

Tim Maurer visits with the TODAY show to discuss managing debt, saving for the future and investing long-term.

Read more

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Reaching a Comfortable Retirement

What’s your number? Stuart Vick Smith with steps to determine how much you need for a comfortable retirement. Read more

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Five Easy Steps to Creating Your Budget

Budgeting takes work, but it’s worth the rewards. Stuart Vick Smith on five simple steps to creating a solid budget: Read more

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