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Social Security, and Getting Your Fair Share, with Steve Weiss

Manisha Thakor brings Buckingham’s Steve Weiss on the MoneyZen Podcast to discuss some of the ins and outs of Social Security. Read more

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Social Security claiming options are off the table

Congress has decided to end two popular Social Security claiming strategies, known as File-and-Suspend and Restricted Application. Read more

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Do You Know When to Claim Social Security? And How?

The most important thing to know about Social Security? Wait as long as you can to take it. Read more

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Social Security Benefits — Tiya Lim

Tiya Lim tackles common questions about Social Security and addresses concerns about Social Security benefits. Should people who are receiving Social Security benefits, or who will begin to receive benefits in the next few years, be concerned that benefits will… Read more

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