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Market Strategy: Active vs. Passive Investing

The merit of passive investing. Larry Swedroe goes on Bloomberg TV to talk market strategy. Read more

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The Risk of Reacting

“That’s what seatbelts are for!” BAM ALLIANCE member C.J. Baxter on staying calm during times of turbulence: Read more

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Markets Keep Defying the Experts and the News

Think the sky is falling? Larry Swedroe explains why the experts can’t predict investment outcomes and why the market improves despite the prognosticators and their headlines: Read more

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My Take: Have You Been Seeing Things?

BAM ALLIANCE member Chris Gardner senses a pattern here. Read more

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“Smart Beta Funds: Why Bother?” Article by Jared Kizer Featured on Morningstar

AdviceIQ article on smart beta by Jared Kizer, director of investment strategy for the BAMALLIANCE, featured on Morningstar. Read more

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