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Valuations and the CAPE 10: A Metric in Dire Need of Context

Larry Swedroe puts the current CAPE 10 ratio in context, and explains why higher stock market valuations don’t necessarily signal overvaluation. Read more

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Stock Market Efficiency: Micro or Macro?

Micro or macro? Larry Swedroe weighs in on the debate over stock market (in)efficiency. Read more

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Valuation Metrics In Perspective

Some metrics have predictive value, but not enough to make market timing worth it. Read more

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Market Timing: Possible to Win, But It’s A Loser’s Game

The evidence is clear. Fund managers cannot predict the direction of the market. Read more

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Index Fund Folly!

The research on Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) funds all points in the same direction: poor and often inconsistent returns. Larry Swedroe on why disciplined rebalancing is a better way to diversify across asset classes. Read more

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