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Estate Planning Includes Preparing Your Heirs

Larry Swedroe explains how to build a successful family wealth transfer plan. Read more

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‘Tis the Tax-Planning Season!

Tax planning? Already? You bet. Manisha Thakor explains three tax strategies you should consider before year-end. Read more

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How to Find a Financial Advisor

What qualities should you look for in a financial advisor? Tim Maurer lays out his four minimum requirements. Read more

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S Corporations: Traveling in Forbidden Lands

S corporations are forbidden land only for the unwary traveler. Brian Hufford on why personal service corporations, like many dental practices, should keep an eye out this year for potentially major changes in tax law. Read more

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Section 179: Back to the future

Equipment expensing shouldn’t only be about tax reduction. Brian Hufford with some planning considerations for dentists when it comes to Section 179 tax rules for large equipment purchases. Read more

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