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Have a Piece of Paper? Use it to Get Smart About Your Money.

Financial success is more about behavior than it is about skill. Columnist Michelle Singletary unpacks emotional decisions and Carl Richards’ newest book, “The One-Page Financial Plan.” Read more

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What Should You Expect From Your First Meeting With a Financial Advisor?

How do you know when you’re dealing with a real financial advisor? For Carl Richards, the best way to tell may be by the amount of time that advisor spends listening to you and asking thoughtful questions. Read more

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‘The One-Page Financial Plan’

Carl Richards’ new book explains why you should have a financial plan and how to set it up. Read more

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“The One-Page Financial Plan”: Simple, But Not Simplistic

Embrace the effectively simple. Avoid the shallowly simplistic. Tim Maurer on how a new book from Carl Richards, “The One-Page Financial Plan,” can help you separate the immaterial from the essential. Read more

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Add Uncertainty to Your Financial Plans

In an excerpt from “The One-Page Financial Plan,” the author suggests taking a best guess on the future, based on personal values. Read more

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