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Tim Maurer’s Top 10 Personal Finance Books

In this video, Tim Maurer, director of advisor development for the BAM ALLIANCE, walks us through his wide-ranging library, which includes books that focus on financial planning, behavioral economics, life planning, and a bonus pair that aren’t necessarily about money but can help change the way you look at money.  Read more

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Solving for the Qualitative Deficit in Financial Planning

Tim Maurer in Forbes on why life planning is a vital part of financial planning. Read more

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This Test Proves You’re Overconfident

Even though we know predictions are notoriously unreliable, they are the daily grist of brokers and other self-styled investment “gurus.” Read more

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Don’t Get Tricked by Stock Market Numerology – Larry Swedroe

Larry Swedroe stopped midway through breakfast to check the data on this claim. Read more

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The Perils of Ascribing Meaning to a Random Event — Carl Richards

Carl Richards with a tale about what it's like when there is an actual deer in your headlights. Read more

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