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The Wonderful Thing That Happens When a Financial Adviser Tells You the Truth

Breaking the façade. Tim Maurer on how life taught him a hard lesson about showing vulnerability and building trust by being true to himself in an industry that encourages advisors to be anything but. Read more

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Three questions that will put your finances–and life–on the right track.

What would you do? Tim Maurer thinks that George Kinder’s powerful questions will change your thinking on money–and life. Read them here on Money.com: Read more

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Back To School: Financial Planning for the College Set

Attention freshman (and those that love them)! Dan Solin and other financial sages give advice for the college set in “12 Things We Wish We’d Known When We Were 18” Read more

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People Ignore 80% of What Their Advisor Tells Them. Here’s Why.

Can we have your attention please? Tim Maurer shares why too many investors ignore their advisor. Read more

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