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When It’s OK to Ignore the Gospel on Retirement

When it’s OK to ignore the gospel on retirement. Tim Maurer in TIME/MONEY on the benefits of liquidity and flexibility: Read more

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A Simple Tool for Getting Better Financial Advice

If a financial adviser doesn’t know what’s going on in a client’s life, the advice will suffer. Here’s one easy way to fix that. Read more

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The Most Important Money Question

Why is money important to you? The CFA Institute’s Lauren Foster on how Carl Richards unpacks the vital and foundational question of “Why?” in his new book, “The One-Page Financial Plan.” Read more

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Finding the Right Balance of Time and Money

How you value the exchange between money and time can shift with circumstance and perspective. Carl Richards on trading time for money and money for time. Read more

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The Wonderful Thing That Happens When a Financial Adviser Tells You the Truth

Breaking the façade. Tim Maurer on how life taught him a hard lesson about showing vulnerability and building trust by being true to himself in an industry that encourages advisors to be anything but. Read more

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