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BAM Intelligence

How Poor Decision-Making Affects Your Returns

We tend to think in the short term, but it hampers our ability to invest intelligently. Read more

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Your Brain Is Rigged to Panic in the Next Correction

Your emotions are your portfolio’s worst enemy, more so than an actual market correction. Read more

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Report Says Ads Show Illusion of Fiduciary Duty

Don’t be fooled. Advertisements can mislead investors on advisors’ responsibilities to clients. Read more

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Speculating Is a Dumb Way to Invest

Speculating is not investing. Dan Solin on why gambling on the markets through stock-picking, market-timing and relying on the predictions of “experts” can lead to underperformance. Read more

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Wall Street’s Lame Excuses for Active Fund Performance

Don’t be fooled by lame excuses. Dan Solin explores the most common justifications Wall Street investment pundits throw out to explain why active fund performance is down. Read more

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