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Value May Be Down, But It’s Not Out

Larry Swedroe concludes it’s premature to give up on the value factor, but also that its premium has only been earned by investors disciplined enough to stay the course through sometimes long periods of underperformance. Read more

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Don’t Write Off Value

Larry Swedroe takes a look at the data and builds his case for why investors should continue to expect a value premium going forward. Read more

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Mispricing Drives the Value Premium

The value premium: Is it risk or mispricing? Larry Swedroe on research supporting a behavioral explanation. Read more

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Value Beats Glamour

Why do investors think glamour outperforms? Larry Swedroe on behavorial explanations for the value premium. Read more

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The Mystery of Vanishing Premiums

Recall your investment history to help combat tracking-error regret. Larry Swedroe on “vanishing” premiums. Read more

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