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Why Not Just Buy Berkshire Hathaway? An Update

Berkshire Hathaway vs. a diversified, evidence-based portfolio: Larry Swedroe on how they stack up. Read more

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Warren Buffett Suggests Successful Investing Requires Discipline

Warren Buffett is probably the most highly regarded investor of our era. Over the years, he has offered the following wisdom: Read more

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Warren Buffett’s Advice Is Widely Respected, Seldom Followed

For markets, even 10 years is quite brief. Larry Swedroe on sticking out poor results and playing the odds. Read more

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The Three Biggest Investing Anomalies

Recognize these anomalies and refuse to buy into them. Dan Solin on informed, responsible investing. Read more

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Two-Stage Thinking Helps Investors Weather Volatility

Weathering market volatility. Larry Swedroe talks “two-stage thinking” and indexing with Barbara Friedberg: Read more

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