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BAM Intelligence

A Reality Check For Investors

Avoid “catastrophizing.” Envision good outcomes. Larry Swedroe with a history-based investor reality check. Read more

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Why The Stock Market Is Volatile, Why Volatility Hurts, And What To Do About It

Willingness to endure volatility in the stock market has tended to reward the disciplined investor, but attempting to divine when these times will begin and end is folly. Tim Maurer on what investors should do about it. Read more

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The Smartest Path For Investors in 2016

A roadmap for dealing with stockbrokers. Dan Solin charts the smartest path for investors in 2016. Read more

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Keep Calm And Step Forward

Keep calm. Step forward. Larry Swedroe on what surviving a market dive has in common with sport kite flying. Read more

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What Warren Buffett Isn’t Doing

Do you think Warren Buffett listens to pundits on TV? Dan Solin on dealing with market volatility. Read more

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