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What Illustrating Your Wealth Transfer Plan Can Show You at a Glance

One tool to potentially enhance your wealth transfer plan’s effectiveness, is to create a simple, visual representation of where your assets will flow. Read more

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GreenMoney Journal’s 25th Anniversary: A MoneyZen Conversation with Cliff Feigenbaum

Manisha Thakor and Green Money Journal’s Cliff Feigenbaum talk SRI and sustainable investing. Read more

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MoneyZen Podcast: Finding Your Financial Path With Stuart Vick Smith

Bridging the “investment gap.” Manisha Thakor weighs in with “Finding Your Financial Path” author Stuart Vick Smith: Read more

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A Radical Proposal for Investors

What if investors had an independent second opinion? Read more

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Three Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs

The most common estate planning mistake is the simplest to correct: Do it. Get started with these three basic estate planning documents Manisha Thakor says every investor needs. Read more

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