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BAM Intelligence

Active Arguments Disproved

Larry Swedroe responds to an article arguing the merits of active investing. Read more

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Excuses For Active Managers

Taking issue with an article that seeks to make excuses for the underperformance of active managers in 2014. Read more

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Indexing Misleads Investors: Do Active Investors Have an Edge in Bear Markets?

The surest way to win the loser’s game is to not play, be it at the roulette wheel, the craps table or active investing. Read more

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The Incredible Shrinking Alpha

The hurdles to achieving alpha are getting higher and higher. Wealth Management has an excerpt from the new book by Larry Swedroe and Andrew Berkin, “The Incredible Shrinking Alpha.” Read more

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An Evidence-Based Approach to the Stock Market

BAM ALLIANCE member Steven Arkin on why passive strategies are gaining traction among investors. Read more

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