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BAM Intelligence

The Sky Isn’t Falling

To help investors avoid catastrophizing recent volatility, Larry Swedroe lays out some economic positives to also keep in mind. Read more

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Factor Performance Across Business Cycles

A recent study explores how Fama-French factors perform across various stages of recession and recovery. Read more

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Rising Rates Don’t Doom REITs

Just because something falls under the “conventional wisdom” doesn’t mean that it’s correct. Larry Swedroe on whether rising interest rates will surely doom returns to real estate investments, specifically REITs. Read more

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How to Understand the Yield Curve

Why waste time guessing when, or by how much, the Fed will raise rates? Manisha Thakor explains the yield curve. Read more

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Ignore Interest-Rate Noise

Why the angst over rising interest rates and the bond market isn’t cause for concern. Read more

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