We help provide our clients with restful nights, knowing they have a plan that renders the market’s daily ups and downs irrelevant to their future prosperity.

What We Do

The BAM ALLIANCE exists for one simple purpose: to give investors the assurance, peace of mind and restful nights that come with having a customized plan that covers every aspect of their financial lives.

It begins with relationship. Independent wealth advisors who are part of the BAM ALLIANCE have a tremendous advantage in the extensive amount of time they’re able to devote working intimately with their clients, getting to know their most important values, goals and relationships. That deep knowledge forms the foundation — the blueprint — for that client’s individualized plan.

Once we understand what each client wants to achieve, we then focus on the most effective way to get there. This is where the “science of investing” comes into play. At the heart of our approach is what decades of peer-reviewed financial research and evidence have shown to be the best way to build long-term wealth. By investing in low-cost, broadly diversified funds and financial instruments and taking only the risk that is necessary and appropriate, our clients are able to effectively capture the returns the markets provide.

You see, at the BAM ALLIANCE, we don’t believe in finding needles.

We believe in owning the haystack.

Of course, managing investments represents only a part of the picture. With wide-ranging experience and expertise in estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, charitable planning, risk management and a host of other areas, clients of BAM ALLIANCE member firms appreciate how their wealth advisor is able to serve as the “quarterback” of their broader financial team.

Ultimately, what we deliver to our clients is freedom — the freedom to tune out and turn off the nonstop, 24/7 financial news roller coaster and focus instead on what’s most important to them — their families, their health, their career and achieving their highest aspirations.